How Do You Remove Bamboo Roots?

Ho Do You Remove Bamboo Roots?

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Bamboo Root Removal

The growth of bamboo roots has detrimental effects on adjacent vegetation, shrubs, plants, and trees. Bamboo is a fast-growing, perennial grass with stalked bladed and hollow stems that can propagate as new shoots from underground roots. 

As a result, it produces and spreads new canes. Two main types of bamboo are running bamboo and clumping bamboo. Running bamboo is an invasive grass that spreads fast through the growth of horizontal and long stems called rhizomes. 

Conversely, clumping bamboo is non-invasive, with shorter and weaker roots that spread slowly. Here is how you can remove bamboo roots. Read on!

How to Remove Bamboo Roots? 

Because bamboo is a stubborn plant, it is often challenging for people and gardeners to remove rhizomes and roots. However, there are some effective biological, chemical, and manual methods that you can to remove bamboo roots. Bear in mind that each process requires patience, time, and a lot of effort. 

Method 1: Use Chemicals 

Many people use chemical weed killers to remove bamboo trees. The use of herbicides is not eco-friendly and can cause damage to the adjacent plants and trees. However, it is still one of the most common methods to remove or kill bamboo roots. 

Before you treat the bamboo with a weed killer, make sure you see visible bamboo parts above the ground. Once done, spray the plant with the chemical agent. If you want to remove the roots effectively, use chemical agents several times.

Method 2: Cover the Garden Sections 

Covering the garden sections is a biological method to remove bamboo roots naturally. You can use this method when roots spread in unplanted parts of your garden. Apply a 2cm thick black film or layer to cover the garden sections and make sure the layer remains for several months. 

The layer on the ground will prevent sunlight, oxygen, water, and nutrients from reaching the bamboo roots, causing them to die naturally. It is an effective method for people with gardens in the colder climate where nothing grows during the winter season. Therefore, it is wise to apply this method from October to February. 

Method 3: Remove the Roots Manually 

Removing roots is essential if you want to get rid of bamboo in your garden. If you leave a small root, the bamboo will grow again. Therefore, it is essential to remove all the roots. Experts recommend introducing root barriers in hindsight, mainly if the plant has spread out of its stock, leading to limited or no growth. 

Remember, it is often challenging to insert a subsequent rhizome barrier, and you will need to excavate the bamboo with full roots to insert another root barrier. Make sure you dig out the unwanted roots around the bamboo by hand. Make sure you don’t place the removed roots in the garden compost. Otherwise, they will grow again and cause complications. 

Final Words 

There are numerous methods to remove bamboo roots from your yard or garden. Each method requires careful planning and preparation. Follow the procedures given above if you want to get rid of bamboo roots completely. 

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