How long can I keep a skip on my drive?

Hiring a skip is eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable, but how long can you keep it on your drive? Here is what you need to know! 

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Although the council bins offer homeowners a chance to dispose of their waste safely, numerous complications are associated with them. For instance, council bins have limitations in size and are unreliable when you have too much waste within a few days. 

On the other hand, using a skip hire service provider is a reliable option for homeowners. Not only can you choose the size of skips, but the company will also collect the waste at the end of the hire. So, it streamlines the entire process and prevents you from waiting until a specific day of the week. 

Some homeowners keep skips for as long as they are necessary. However, others ask: how long can I keep a skip on my drive? In today’s article, we will answer this question and give you some essential information. Read on! 

How long can I Keep a skip on my Drive?

Most companies in the UK that offer skip hire services have a time limit of seven days. It means you can keep a skip on your driveway for a week. However, you can keep a skip for an extended period if you discuss your requirements with the service provider and make proper arrangements. 

Remember, even if the company agrees to extend the period, you can keep the skip on your driveway for 14 days and not more than that. It is crucial to notify the service provider if you intend to keep the skip for a prolonged period. 

The purpose is to ensure you get the best pricing options. In addition, discuss the suitable time for picking and dropping off the skip before you hire it. Expect to pay extra money if you want to keep the skip for more than 14 days. However, fewer companies agree to lease their skips for more than two weeks. 

How Can I Hire a Skip for a Prolonged Period? 

Most skip hire companies in the UK allow their clients to keep the skip on their driver for a prolonged period. The purpose is to ensure homeowners streamline the waste disposal process and keep their properties clean and safe. 

If you want to hire a skip for a long time, make sure you discuss your requirements with the service provider. Ask the staff whether they have enclosed skips because these are suitable for disposing of your waste, and you can keep them on your drive for a long time. 

Can I Extend Skip Hire Period? 

Yes, you can extend the skip hire period, but it will cost you extra money. Therefore, we recommend doing your research and making a list of all the local companies. Compare their services, time limits, and fees to make an informed decision. 

Because there are numerous options for extending the skip hire period, we suggest making prior arrangements and discuss everything with the service provider to ensure you keep the skip on your drive for an extended period. 

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