How to dispose of a Christmas Tree?

How To Dispose of a Christmas Tree?

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How to dispose of a Christmas tree?

Research shows that people buy over eight million trees in the United Kingdom each year. However, everyone starts taking down their Christmas trees in the first week of January. The majority of these Christmas trees end up in landfill sites.

Not only does the incorrect disposal harm the environment, but it also impacts the UK economy. Recent stats show that landfilling eight million Christmas trees cost around 22 million pounds each year. How to dispose of a Christmas tree ethically and sustainably?

Take the Tree Out to the Trash

The best way to dispose of your Christmas tree is to take it out to the trash. The waste disposal company will collect it for recycling. Haul the tree out to the curb or take it to the bulk waste pick up area. Contact your local council to know the rules, dates, and times you can put the Christmas tree out to be collected by the company.

Throw the Christmas Tree in the Skip

Throwing your Christmas tree in the Skip or dumpster depends on your location and the local council’s regulations. Contact your local council to know whether they accept live trees as standard waste. If you have multiple trees, you can hire a roll-off Skip to get rid of them.

Because some landfill sites restrict disposal of mixed solid waste, ask the company if you will need a yard Skip for waste disposal. If you live in an apartment building with shared front load Skip bins or roll-off bins for waste collection, check with your landlord to confirm whether you can throw a Christmas tree in these containers.

Donate Your Christmas Tree

No matter if you have an artificial tree or live tree, you can always donate it to a non-profit charitable organization. If you have a real Christmas tree, you can donate it to wetland restoration or wildlife preserves at the end of the holidays.

You can place old trees in a lake to help form new fish habitats and reduce riverbanks’ erosion. Contact your local council to know if there are charity organization in your area who can use your donated tree for a worthy cause. Some companies that advocate promoting eco-friendly practices may also accept your Christmas tree.

Replant Your Christmas Tree

You can replant your Christmas tree if it has intact roots. Replanting the tree requires you to make careful preparations. For instance, if you have kept the tree inside your home for more than two weeks, it is best to throw it in the Skip bin.

The reason is that Christmas trees are often cut down when they are dormant. Your tree will lose dormancy and may not survive the outside cold if you keep it in your warm house for a long time.

Anyway, if your Christmas tree has intact roots, you can replant it easily. Before you replant the tree, keep it covered in a dry and cool place for at least three days. That way, the tree will adjust to the outside weather conditions.

Next, remove the burlap covering from its roots, dig a small hole two times larger than the tree’s root system, and place it into the hole. Fill the hole with soil and pour some water on it. Replanting the tree is the most ethical and eco-friendly way to preserve the environment.

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