How To Dispose of a Dead Bird in Your Garden?

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Research shows that 78.6% of birds die of infectious diseases, such as coccidiosis, aspergillosis, and poxvirus infection. These diseases can be spread or transmitted to human beings, meaning you must handle and dispose of a dead bird in a safe manner. 

Experts recommend following standard safety precautions if you choose to dispose of dead birds yourself. In today’s article, we will tell you how to dispose of a dead bird correctly. 

Step 1: Safety Precautions  

Check whether the bird is dead by observing it for breathing or movement. Use a long stick to touch the bird. You can also toss a small pebble in its direction before approaching it. 

Do not touch the dead bird with your bare hands, especially if you have recent injuries or open sores. 

A disposal method you carry should follow the local council’s laws and regulations. 

If you want to use a pickup service, make sure the vehicles do not cross the perimeter buffer area. If you choose to remove it yourself, make sure you wear gloves. 

Because birds carry infectious diseases, take precautionary steps for protection. Use disposable gloves to handle the bird and throw them away after completing the task. 

Avoid using gardening gloves to prevent bacterial contamination from the dead bird’s body. 

Step 2: Place the Bird in a Sealable Bag 

After putting on disposable gloves, pick up the carcass and place it in a plastic bag. Make sure you use a sealable bag. 

Use a shovel if you don’t want to pick up the carcass with your hands. 

Once you placed the dead body in the plastic bag, seal it up and put the bag in another. The Environmental Agency recommends double-bagging the dead animal to reduce the risk of attracting bugs or scavengers. 

Seal the bag and place it in your rubbish bin for disposal. Seal the trash can with a lid to prevent bugs and scavengers from searching through the trash bin. 

Sealing the bin with a lid can also prevent any unpleasant smells from escaping. 

Step 3: Clean Your Hands and Tools Used 

After disposing of the dead bird, clean your hands and any tools you have used, such as a shovel. Disinfect yourself properly to prevent the risk of disease transmission. 

Wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water before your hands contact other parts of your body or with other people. 

If the bird has bled on the grass, make sure you remove the soil patch. It is crucial to remove the soil, especially if you have pets at home. 

Moreover, avoid using the same equipment or tools for feeding chores, carcass handling, and manure unless you disinfect them. 

Final Words 

If you don’t want to remove the dead bird yourself, you can contact a local animal removal company for safe, reliable, and effective bird disposal. 

A reputable company has experienced staff that can locate the bird, dispose of the carcass, and disinfect the area. The three steps given above can help you dispose of the dead bird safely. 

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