How to Dispose of a Dead Fox in the Garden?

How to dispose of a dead fox?

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Disposing of a Dead Fox in the Garden

The UK government requires people to follow Animal by-production regulations (ABPR) to dispose of dead animals. It is essential to avoid burying or burning dead animals. For instance, owners can bury their pets, such as cats and dogs.

Because goats and sheep are farm animals, you can’t bury or burn them. The UK law is against the burial of non-pet animals. Even if you keep goats and sheep as pets, you must dispose of them in a government-certified disposal centre.

But, what about a dead fox found in the garden? How to dispose of it? In today’s article, we will tell you about the disposal of dead foxes in your garden. In general, the UK Law requires you to call your local council or authority to collect the body of the dead body and dispose of it at the recycling centre. Read on!

Wild Animals Disposal – The UK Law

The UK law requires owners to bury their dead pets on their premises or in a government-approved pet cemetery. As a pet owner, you can also dispose of a dead pet at the landfill site.

Because wild animals do not fall in the animal by-product category, you must handle, store, and dispose of them properly. Wild animals include deer, boar, foxes, rats, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

The law states that if an individual kills a wild animal as vermin, he or she needs to dispose of the dead body appropriately. It is essential to avoid burning a dead fox in the open. The law allows people to burn animal carcasses in a designated remote area.

Also, you can burn a dead fox if there is a disease outbreak or if transporting the dead animal leads to the speed of the disease. The law requires you to get a pollution prevention and control permit to burn animal dead bodies in an incinerator.

How to Dispose of a Dead Fox in the Garden?

It is crucial to get the right information about the disposal of the dead fox. Likewise, we recommend you to take care of the dead animal immediately as it can cause harm to your health and the environment. Remember, do not handle the dead fox with bare hands because you put your health at risk.

Foxes die of many causes, which can include infectious diseases. Although humans can get these diseases, this happens rarely. It makes sense to handle and dispose of a dead fox safely. If you choose to dispose of a dead fox yourself, follow the steps given below.

How to dispose of a dead fox?


Step 1:

If you are not sure whether or not the fox is dead, it is essential to wear protective gear to observe the animal carefully. Check the breathing or movement using a long stick. You can also toss a small pebble or stone in the fox’s direction. Do not get close to the fox because if it is alive, it can harm you.

Step 2:

Do not touch the dead fox with your bare hands, especially if you have got injuries recently. Make sure you avoid a scratch by any sharp parts of the dead fox. The law requires you to use rubber gloves with leak-proof properties or a heavy-duty shovel to handle the body of the dead fox.

If the equipment is not available, you should use plastic bags as gloves. However, the bag must be leak-proof. We recommend you to wear multiple plastic bags. Now, pick up the dead fox and turn the plastic bag inside out over the body so that it ends up accurately in the plastic.

Step 3:

Make sure you handle the dead fox properly so that its claws or sharp nails do not puncture the bag. Once you have carefully put the dead fox into the bag, you must close it. Tie the ends of the bag correctly. You can also use a twist-tie to seal the bag appropriately.

Get another plastic bag and put the bag into it that contains the dead fox. Close this bag tightly as well and dispose of it with your household trash. Once you have thrown the bag in the garbage bin, it is essential to wash your hands with soap and warm water. Do not touch your face or other body parts to avoid allergens contacting your skin.

Step 4:

Call your local council and talk to the staff about a dead fox in your garden. Tell them that you have disposed of it by having the body bagged and thrown in the household trash. Ask your local council to give you information on the animal disposal centre.

If there exist a disposal centre in your local area, you should call them immediately so that they pick up the bag and transfer it to the centre where they will dispose of it finally. On the other hand, if the disposal centre requires you to transfer the dead fox yourself, then you have to do it within 24 hours.

Wear protective gear such as hand gloves and a mask to pick the bagged dead fox from your household trash and place it in your car or vehicle. Drive carefully to the disposal centre, reach there as soon as possible, and once you are there, throw the bag into the container.

Keep in mind that most local disposal centres in the UK do not provide a service to pick up or remove dead animals from your property. On the other hand, you can place a fox or any other dead animal in two sealed bags and then place the bags at the edge of your property. Call the local disposal centre and they will remove it from your property. So, these are two options for you to get rid of the dead fox.

Final Words

Laws in the UK regarding the disposal of dead animals vary from council to council or city to city. However, in general, the law states that you can’t bury or burn a dead fox in your garden because it is considered hazardous waste. Follow the steps given above to dispose of a dead fox adequately.

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