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How to Dispose of Antifreeze?

In this article, we shall be looking at what you should know about disposing of antifreeze. It is essential you stick to this blog post- so you know what to do regarding how to get rid of antifreeze. First things first, you cannot put antifreeze into a skip that you have hired.. 


Caution– “It is illegal to dispose antifreeze down the drain or on the ground”.


How to Clean Up Antifreeze

To avoid spills in your garage or workplace, it is essential you consciously open it. Antifreeze should be clean once it is spilt. You can safely and carefully absorb the material with sand or kitty litter then cover with paper towels.

The next thing you should do is- to carefully wipe up after absorption. Then dispose of the collected material and wash the area thoroughly by applying soap and water.

Is Antifreeze Detrimental to Pets?

The answer is yes. Antifreeze is dangerous to all living things. However, pets are attracted to the taste and smell of antifreeze which makes it more dangerous. Be cautious when opening containers or spills around dogs, household pets. It is not safe to open or spill antifreeze close to your pets. 

Now, let’s talk about the main reason for this article.



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How to Dispose Of Antifreeze


Before you dispose of antifreeze, make sure it’s in a safe and closable container to avoid spills. The best way to get rid of antifreeze is to contact local recycling centres or service stations. Don’t worry if you don’t know any antifreeze recycling centres around your location. You can easily do a quick Google search on antifreeze disposal near me.  

The content of antifreeze is mix with other fluid that may be detrimental to house pets and humans. This is why its illegal to pour antifreeze on the ground or drain because animals and humans can still have access to it.


It is vital to contact antifreeze disposal near you, local recycling centre available in your area, auto parts shop or service station for safe antifreeze disposal – since it’s illegal to dispose antifreeze down the drain or on the ground for human and pets’ safety.

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