How to Dispose of Broken Glass?

How To Dispose of Broken Glass?

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How to Dispose of Broken Glass?


Items like mirrors, windows, light bulbs, candleholders, and other products can cause serious safety hazards if you fail to dispose of them. If you lose grip on the wine glass during a Christmas, birthday, or wedding party, broken glass can create some panic. In today’s article, we will talk about how to dispose of broken glass correctly.

It is crucial to dispose of broken glass carefully and quickly. Otherwise, a missed shard of the smashed bottle, cup, or mug can cause serious injury. If you have children at home, it becomes even more important to get rid of broken glass. After all, the safety of your children is your utmost priority.

You need some necessary supplies like rubber gloves, cardboard box or newspaper, cloth, vacuum, damp paper towel, trash bag, and multi-purpose cleaner. These supplies can help you carry out the cleaning and disposal tasks easily and reliably. Here are the steps to dispose of broken glass safely.

Step 1: Consider Your Safety

It is essential to handle the broken glass carefully. Put on pair of thick rubber gloves to protect your hand and make sure you also wear a pair of shoes. The tiny broken glass pieces can pierce your feet and cause injuries. Keep your children and pets out of the room until you clear up the glass.

Step 2: Pick Up the Broken Glass

Find an old newspaper or get a cardboard box to hold the broken pieces. Using a newspaper is a good way to collect and store the broken glass. Otherwise, you can use a cardboard box to collect the carry the broken glass pieces.

The pieces can slip through if there are gaps in the cardboard glass. So, make sure you seal the cracks before putting the pieces in the box. Pick up the glass shards, put them in the box, or place them on top of the newspaper. Check the entire room for small pieces of glass. Look underneath the tables, chairs, and appliances.

Step 3: Vacuum the Floor

Mop up the spilt liquid with paper towels before vacuuming the area. Avoid using the brush or broom on the vacuum, as tiny glass pieces can get stuck in the bristles. Even after you have cleaned the floor, there will be small shards left on the ground. Use a damp paper towel to wipe the entire area.

Step 4: Dispose of the Broken Glass

If you are using a newspaper, place the remaining glass shards on it, and wrap up the sheets. Otherwise, close the lid if you are using a cardboard box. Use a high-quality tap to seal the cardboard box to avoid shards slipping through the gaps.

Put the box or wrapped newspaper sheets in a plastic bag. Don’t forget to put the rubber gloves in the bag. Next, tie the bag closed and place it in the bin. Although you have already mopped up the spills, you can use some liquids like milk or orange juice on the floor to remove any remaining tiny pieces.

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