How To Dispose of Cat Litter?

Cat Litter Disposal UK

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How to Dispose of Cat Litter?


Flushing cat litter down the toilet is extremely harmful to the environment. When you flush cat waste down the toilet, it will clog your pipes and contaminate drinking water. At the same time, it will significantly harm the living species and the ecosystem. What is the best way to dispose of cat litter in the UK? Find out in this article! 

Throw the Litter in Household Waste Bin 

For many people, the easiest way to get rid of cat little is by scooping it and throwing it in the household waste bin. According to the UK’s Environment Agency, pet owners must scoop the litter, put it into a biodegradable bag, and throw it in their waste bin. 

Another eco-friendly way is to put the litter directly into a cat litter bin. It enables you to use one bag for a few weeks, cutting down the number of bags to save money. Such containers are specifically designed for cat litter disposal and use additional filters to prevent foul odour from escaping.  

Safely Compost Cat Litter

You can dispose of biodegradable cat litter in a compost pin. It is one of the useful options for litter made from paper, corn, and pine. Bear in mind that this method is not suitable for clay litter because clay does not break down. 

Research shows that composting cat litter is risky to human health and the environment. Composting cat litter to grow anything edible is not a good idea because it increases the risk of harming your health. Plus, it is not an eco-friendly practice. 

However, you can use the compost for non-edible plants, such as roses or perennials. Make sure you don’t add cat litter to the compost heap where children play. Cat litter contains various parasites, such as Gondii, which can cause Toxoplasmosis. 

Safety Precautions

Exposure to cat litter can cause Toxoplasmosis so you must follow safety precautions to avoid diseases. Experts recommend wearing disposable gloves when disposing of cat litter. Not only will this protect your hands, but it will also prevent harmful substances from contacting your skin. 

Besides, wearing gloves is mandatory for pregnant women. Otherwise, the parasitical transmission can lead to harmful diseases and damage the developing foetus. Studies show that cat litter can compromise a pregnant woman’s immune system. 

Besides, scooping the cat litter can create dust, and when inhaled, it can cause various respiratory conditions, such as cold, flu, asthma, and even lung cancer. Therefore, we recommend you to wear a mask to prevent inhaling dust particulates. 

Wash the scoop after using it to dispose of the litter. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and use soap or detergent to get rid of germs. Do not forget to place the scoop in its dedicated tray or bucket. 

Final Words 

Cat litter is a hazardous waste, meaning you should dispose of it immediately. No real need for professionals to remove it, just follow the advice above. The best way to get rid of cat litter is to scoop the litter and put it into a biodegradable bag. Another way to dispose of garbage is by using the dedicated cat litter waste bin. 

You can also compost cat litter, but it’s essential to create a heap in a safe area where children do not play. Always follow safety precautions to avoid getting illnesses like Toxoplasmosis.

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