How To Dispose of Christmas Decorations

How to dispose of Christmas Decorations

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Do you have old Christmas decorations and lights that don’t work anymore? The best solution is to dispose of them as soon as possible to avoid clutter in your house. It is crucial to avoid putting your Christmas decoration and lights in the trash. Skips are one answer but other than that you need home built remedies. Otherwise, these items will end up in landfill sites and waste valuable commodities by taking up extra space. How to dispose of these old items correctly? Find out in this blog post!

How to Dispose of Christmas Wreaths?

Most Christmas wreaths contain natural materials, such as holly, ivy, and fir tree clippings. Remove the greenery from the base and compost it properly. The compositing option is good when the greenery is not covered with excessive glitter.

You can use the berries, plastic flowers, ribbons, and other decorative parts again. Instead of throwing these decorative parts in the trash can, it is wise to store them. You can use these items again in various ways, such as table decoration or another Christmas wreath next year.

How to Dispose of Christmas Lights?

According to UK law, Christmas lights are recyclable. Many councils in London and other regions collect small electrical items from homes and recycle them in their facilities. Shred the strings into small pieces and separate them into plastics and copper. These are now raw materials that can be used in the manufacturing of new products. For instance, the recycling centre may turn plastic into slipper soles.

There are many household waste disposal centres in the UK that allow for the disposal or recycling of electrical items. Make sure you contact your local council before putting them in the trash bin to be collected by the recycling staff.

How to Dispose of Paper Chains?

If you have paper decorations, it is wise to compost them at home instead of disposing them at the recycling centre. The reason is that paper decorations have short fibers and dyed in vivid colours, making them unsuitable for recycling.

Make sure you have a compost bin at home where you can dispose of the paper chains. If you don’t have the bin, you can contact your local council to know whether they recycle paper chains or decorations in their facility.

How to Dispose of Baubles and Tinsels?

According to UK law, glass baubles can’t be recycled, and if the glass breaks, one must wrap it carefully and dispose of it in his or her trash bin. Although most baubles are made of plastic material, many companies do not collect these decorative items.

Because plastic baubles are covered with glitter, disposal centres avoid collecting them because the glitter can impact the recycling process. If you have plastic baubles that you don’t want to use, you can donate them to a charity organization or give them to your friends. On the other hand, you can get rid of plastic baubles on freegle or Freecycle.

Tinsel is another Christmas decorative item that you would want to dispose of then it loses its charm. Because tinsel can’t be recycled according to UK law, you can easily dispose of it by throwing it in your rubbish bin.

Final Words

Most Christmas decorative items are not recyclable, which means you should either dispose of them at home or contact the local council or disposal centre to collect the items. The Interesting thing is that you can reuse various decorative items for next Christmas.

That way, you can avoid buying new decorations and save some money. Lastly, if you want to get rid of non-recyclable items, donate them to a charity organization or child welfare association or offer them to your family and friends.

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