How to Dispose of Lithium Batteries in the UK?

How To Dispose of Lithium Batteries?

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No doubt lithium batteries have superior performance regarding our electronic devices. However, the
handling of lithium batteries requires additional care and attention. There is a high level of risk if
batteries are mishandled.

How To Dispose of Lithium Batteries?It may cause an adverse effect on the environment, pollution, and high risk of fire outbreak. On this
note, we shall review the best way to dispose of lithium batteries in the UK and other things you should
know about Lithium batteries.

What You Should Do?

 Make sure batteries are removed from the devices and separated
 Contact a professional to remove lithium batteries if you are unable to separate them from the
 Then insulate the battery terminals to prevent short circuit
 Package batteries into boxes or UN-approved barrels, separate each layer with dry sand.

What You Should Not Do?

 Do not dispose of lithium batteries with your regular garbage
 Avoid throwing out of batteries that may result in short-circuiting other items.
 Do not place batteries on any products or objects that are not designed for lithium batteries
 Do not place a large number of batteries together without segregation
 Do not store or safely discarded lithium batteries inside your apartment.

Why You Should Not Treat Lithium Batteries like Industrial Waste

You may be wondering why lithium batteries found in electronics and e-waste can’t be disposed of with your regular waste. Lithium
batteries contain several harmful chemicals that are hazardous to human health. Poor disposal may
result in grievous consequences like fire outbreak, destruction of materials, environmental pollution and

Best Methods to Dispose of Lithium Batteries

Below are some significant ways to dispose of lithium batteries in the UK;


It is important to dispose of lithium batteries for recycling purposes. This is essential because many old
batteries end up in a landfill. Recycling restricts batteries from going to landfills and also recover
valuable metals like cobalt, nickel and silver. This further reduces the production of new materials that
may result in carbon emissions.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

You can also dispose of lithium batteries at household waste recycling centres like battery retailer shops,
pharmacies, and supermarket. They often provide battery recycling bins.

E-Waste Collection Point

You can also drop lithium batteries in e-waste drop off location. Numerous local councils collect
batteries in your doorstep. You can check with your local district council or waste removal company to get more information.

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