How to Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives?

How To Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives?

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How To Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives? Preparing a meal becomes sweeter and better when using a new set of knives. As you get new kitchen knives you may want to discard the old knives. Unfortunately, you cannot simply throw the knives in your rubbish bin without proper procedure. If you are having a large dozen of old kitchen knives that you like to get rid of or you are wondering how you can dispose of your old kitchen knives safely? Worry no more, in this guide we shall review the multiple ways you can easily dispose of your old kitchen knives without hassle.

Ways You Can Dispose of Kitchen Knives

  Below are the three ways you can dispose of your old kitchen knives-  Self Help  A local waste disposal site  Donation

1. Self-help

  Here we shall be looking at the step by step guide on how you can dispose of kitchen knives without a third party. Below are some vital steps you should take;  Step One- The first thing you should do is to wrap your old kitchen knives with newspaper protecting it with tape.  Step Two- The second step you should do- is to secure the knife with cardboard and tape it.  Step Three- Place the kitchen knives in a box to give extra protection  Step Four- You can now through the secured kitchen knives into the garbage can or hired skip.

2. Local Waste Disposal Site

  The local waste disposal site is One of the numerous and stress-free ways to dispose of your old kitchen knives in the UK. All you need to do- is to contact or go to your local waste disposal site with the knives. Here they ensure your old kitchen knives are properly disposed of.

3. How about kitchen knives donation?

  Another way you can dispose of your kitchen knives is to give it out. If you recently get a new set of sparkling knives and you choose to get rid of the old ones to create space for the new one. All you need to do is to make sure your old knives are still in good shape and work effectively. You can give it out to soup kitchens, secondhand stores or shelters. Significantly, you contact your local Goodwill or Salvation Army centres to know if they accept your kind of knives. For health and safety purposes, you must clean your knives, before donating it. The above three methods are the most suitable and efficient way you can dispose of your old kitchen knives to give way for the new ones.

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