How to Dispose of Old Petrol in the UK?

How To Dispose of Old Petrol?

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How To Dispose of Old Petrol in the UK?

Like other types of waste material, petrol is hazardous to human health and harmful to the environment. According to the UK Environmental Agency, you must treat, dispose of, or recycle chemical waste like old petrol.

In general, the Government has categorised chemical waste into three categories, which are always – hazardous, never hazardous, and may or may not be hazardous.

For example, fluorescent tubes and lead-acid batteries fall in the first category, edible oil is in the second category, and ink or paint is in the third category of chemical waste.

Some chemicals like old paint thinner and petrol can cause fire hazards, which means you should dispose of them immediately. It is vital to follow the standards and protocols to store, handle, and dispose of old petrol. Read on!

Legal Requirements

Typically, there are various types of oil and the most common waste oil comes from petroleum oil. It contains highly synthetic components, which are harmful to human health and the environment. 

For instance, petrol used in vehicle engines can even cause cancer. So, you have to manage it carefully by following the Health and Safety guidelines defined by the UK government.

You will find different legal requirements, which depend on where and how petrol was produced. The UK Environmental Agency (EA) deems all waste oils, including old petroleum hazardous waste. 

Normally, households produce waste oils in small quantities, and the local authorities manage them by offering specific advice on disposal options.

If you transfer the old petrol from your home to a recycling company, oil recycling bank, or any other civic amenity site, the company is legally responsible for its disposal. 

The Waste Oil Legislation covers the storage, transport, and disposal of old petrol produce by commercial business activity. Storing old petrol separately from other types of waste material is also a legal requirement.

It is essential to contact your local council and find out if they accept old petrol at the local recycling centre. 

If they accept old petrol, then you have to follow the rules and take steps to transfer the waste material to your local recycling centre.

If they don’t accept it, then it is essential to know alternative options for disposing of old petrol. You can go to the official government website GOV.UK and enter the postcode to find a local waste disposal service.

Contact Your Local Council – General Guidelines

First, you need to contact your local council and ask them whether or not they accept old petrol at the local disposal centre. Some recycling centres will accept old petrol and diesel. They will dispose of the fuel, recondition it, or recycle it safely.

The local council must guide you to the right disposal centre. Call the disposal centre in advance to know their rules and regulations. Understanding the instructions is crucial to dispose of old petrol safely.

Recycling of waste material is a bit different from the disposal of fuel. Some disposal centres in the local area allow for free disposal of old petrol and diesel. 

However, if you are an outsider and want to dispose of old petrol, then you may pay a certain amount of fee.

If you are living in a less populated area, it is essential to get information about the operating hours of the centre. 

That’s why we always recommend calling ahead before transferring the fuel to the disposal centre. 

Find out the maximum amount of old petrol your local disposal centre can accept. Anyway, here are the steps to safely dispose of old petrol.

How To Dispose of Old Petrol?

Step 1: Determine the Contaminated or Old Petrol

You must find out if there is any contamination in the petrol. You can check this by pouring some petrol in a glass container. Then pour some fresh petrol into another container to compare it with the contaminated one.

If the petrol is darker and smells sourer than that of the fresh petrol, it has lost its efficacy. Although you can dilute the old petrol with fresh petrol, it is better to dispose of it because it can affect your car engine efficiency.

Step 2: Transfer Old Petrol to the Container

Transfer the old petrol from an existing container to a jerry can using a funnel. Some local councils in the UK require people to store no more than five gallons of petrol in the jerry can. Make sure you pour the old petrol slowly to avoid spillage.

You must not fill the jerry can more than 90%. The purpose is to leave some room for the fumes. Once you have finished the process of pouring the old petrol in the jerry can, you must seal it tightly with its lid to avoid leakages and spillages.

Step 3: Transport Old Petrol to the Local Disposal Centre

There are two ways to transfer contaminated petrol to the disposal centre. The first one is to call the centre and ask them to pick the container from your house. 

The other one is to take the container or jerry can to the disposal centre yourself.

Place the container in your car and make sure there are no spills or leaks. Drive your vehicle carefully and avoid smoking in the car or van while transporting petrol. 

Petrol is a combustible material and a small quantity of fumes can lead to fire or explosion.

After reaching your local disposal centre, meet the staff and get all the necessary instructions. 

The staff will guide you on how to empty the old petrol into the storage vessel safely. Once you have fully emptied the jerry can into the storage vessel, close the lid of the container, and come back home. You can use the container in the future to dispose of old petrol.

Final Words

According to the UK Environmental Agency, Petrol is a highly flammable and toxic material. It is necessary to dispose of old petrol in the UK because it is harmful to human health and hazardous to the environment. 

Make sure you follow the steps above to safely transfer and dispose of the old fuel.

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