How to Dispose of Polystyrene in Most Eco-Friendly Way?

How To Dispose of Polystyrene?

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Polystyrene remained one of the most frequently used plastics in the United Kingdom. Disposing of polystyrene in the most eco-friendly way becomes paramount- especially this period of climate change.
There are some ways one can dispose of polystyrene in the UK that may likely cause issues in the environment.

Polystyrene is often used, for packaging food like take-away containers, egg cartons, take-out coffee cups, yoghurt pot, and more. Disposing polystyrene in- an eco-friendly way is difficult; in other words, it is slow to biodegrade. In this blog post, we shall review the best way to dispose of polystyrene in an
eco-friendly manner.

What Is Polystyrene?

As stated from the beginning, it is the most frequently used plastics. Polystyrene implies plastic is originated from styrene a liquid hydrocarbon. There are two types of polystyrene that are; the foamed
and solid. It is a unique material but very difficult to recycle.

Best Way to Dispose of Polystyrene in Eco-Friendly manner!

Despite the uniqueness of polystyrene, government and several organizations are facing a major
problem of disposal. Polystyrene takes a larger space in waste bins; which means bins get full quickly
and there is a need to regularly empty the bin.
Although polystyrene is lightweight but occupies landfill space. The following are some top methods you
can use to dispose or recycle polystyrene without contributing to environmental pollution;

Recycling or Reuse

This is one of the viable ways to dispose of polystyrene. Although there are misconceptions that
polystyrene is non-recyclable. The truth is that it can easily be melted and moulded into a different
plastic. You can dispose of polystyrene in a more eco-friendly way by recycling in the below methods-

1. Segregation

The EPS foam products can be separated- from other wastes. Here is one of the popular way to
efficiently dispose of polystyrene

2. Compaction

This method reduces the segregation- by putting the EPS foam products into a compactor to reduce the

3. Shredding Method

Large pieces of polystyrene can be shredded- into flakes similar to what you may do with sensitive paper documents that you wouldn’t want anyone seeing.

4. Extrusion or Melting

Here is another amazing way to dispose of polystyrene in a more eco-friendly manner. Flakes are heated
and melted and are forced through pelletizing extruders. The resulting material can be used by
reheating or and melting to produce other products like DVD cases, picture frames, clothes hanger and

The above ways are the best and most eco-friendly ways to dispose of polystyrene.

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