How to Dispose of Sex Toys?

How To Dispose of Sex Toys

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How to Dispose of Sex Toys?

According to UK law, any sex toys that oscillate or vibrate are electrical items. It means all your sex toys will be treated as other electrical waste, such as cameras, toasters, or anything that comes with a charger.

Many local councils in the UK have disposal centres for electrical items, including sex toys. Search your local council’s website to know if you can dispose of or recycle sex toys. Some local councils like Hackney Council, London has a specialized facility where people drop off electrical items. The recycling centre’s staff extract valuable metals inside the toys and reuse them.

Find a Local Disposal Centre

Many disposal centres in the UK have made it simple for the residents. Skips are not an option so instead you can put your used sex toys in a trash bag and send them off. The disposal centre you choose in your local area will clean the toys and disassemble them.

The staff will then send the plastic, silicone, rubber, and electronic parts to the recycling facility, where the team will use them to prepare different materials for reuse. Some disposal and recycling centres in the UK will even recycle sex toy batteries.

Send Your Toys to the Retailer

There are a few retailers that will dispose of or recycle sex toys for you without charging fees. Collect your old sex toys and package them properly. Send the package to “Love Honey,” a retailer with Rabbit Amnesty Program that recycles old sex toys. Although it is a free service, you will have to pay for the postage.

Keep in mind that the program does not offer any rewards or loyalty points to its customers. However, it is a great way to get rid of old sex toys and ethically declutter your drawers. Love Honey accepts vibrating sex toys only.

Forbidden Obsession is another company that offers recycling services for old sex toys. The company recycles your discarded or broken sex toys and send you a free gift voucher. Forbidden Obsession is an environmental enthusiast that makes substantial efforts for the betterment of the biosphere. If you choose another option like throwing your toys in the trash bin, they will end up in the landfill.

Sell Sex Toys

Although recycling is a good way to get rid of your old sex toys, there are other ways to dispose of your used products. For example, you can sell your used sex toys online. Search the internet and find reputable sites that allow for selling second-hand sex toys.

It is crucial to sterilise and clean your toy properly. You can also apply condoms to your old toys to make them extra safe. Search the internet to find how people in the UK sell their second-hand collections. You can also sell your toys directly through a Twitter page.

If you have a large collection of second-hand toys, set up a simple website, and start selling your products. Remember, selling your used sex toys can be dangerous for use – so, it is recommended to sterilise and clean them properly.

How to Dispose of Sex Toys?

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