How to Dispose of Soil?

How To Dispose of Soil?

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How to Dispose of Soil?

Advances in environmental sciences show that soil is the most important part of the ecosystem. It filters the water and provides essential nutrients to crops and forests. Some studies have highlighted that soil regulates the earth’s temperature and prevent greenhouse gases.

After completing your gardening or landscaping project, you will have excess soil. It is a heavy, bulky, and messy organic waste that can’t be disposed of easily. It often rains in the UK, and when the soil becomes wet, it is even harder to get rid of it. Here are a few useful ways to dispose of excess soil. Read on!

Use a Skip Hire Service

You can dispose of excess soil using a reliable skip hire. Skips are available in different sizes, but 8-yard Skip is the most suitable for removing garden or landscaping waste. Many companies in the UK offer reliable Skip Hire services.

The company will ensure picking up the waste soil and deal with it according to the UK waste disposal laws. Similarly, the company will collect the waste and recycle it ethically and sustainably. Once the Skip arrives, load the waste soil at your own pace, call the company as soon as you finish the job. Be sure not to mix too many other products in your skip or the hire company may charge extra. 

Dump the Soil Yourself

You can throw away the waste soil at the landfill site yourself. Many landfill sites and recycling centres accept inert waste soil. Contact your council to find a local waste disposal centre or search online to find a landfill site.

Make sure the disposal centre is open to the public. If you have a small amount of waste soil, you can dump it on yourself. On the other hand, call a waste disposal centre to collect the waste soil from your property.

Hire a Waste Removal Company

Many waste removal companies in the UK offer waste disposal services. Call the company to schedule the date for collection. The waste disposal company will send a team of professionals to check the amount of leftover waste and determine the transportation price.

Waste removal companies use trucks with a weight limit of two tons. It means the trucks can carry and transfer up to 4,000 pounds of waste soil. Anyway, the servicemen will load up the soil and transfer it to the landfill site or recycling centre. Do your research before hiring a waste disposal company to know whether it is the right option for your project.

Advertise your Leftover Soil Locally or Online 

An excess or leftover soil takes up a lot of space on your property. Ask your family members, friends, or neighbours if they need soil for their garden or landscaping project. You can also communicate with local farmers about the excess soil, but that option is suitable if you live in a rural or suburban area.

Farmers can pick up and transport the soil to their property. That way, you will save your precious time. Moreover, you can advertise your excess soil online. There are many websites, such as Freecycle, eBay, and Gumtree, where you can advertise and get rid of unwanted soil.

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