How to Dispose of Wallpaper Paste?

How To Dispose of Wallpaper Paste?

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Perhaps you have just finished hanging some wallpaper during a long lockdown weekend or maybe you finally succeeded in removing some old wallpaper from the wall and you still have a large bucket of paste that needs disposing of and don’t know what is the correct way to get rid? Worry no more.

Although wallpaper paste is not toxic it’s important to be cautious on how you dispose of household adhesives  as well as other liquids commonly used in the decorating process like white spirit or emulsion paints.

In this article, we shall be unveiling the best approach and a more convenient way to dispose of wallpaper paste.

Two Best Approaches to Conveniently Dispose of Wallpaper Paste

In order not to break the law- take a look at the legal rules in your local area but generally speaking, there are two simple ways to dispose of wallpaper paste. You either;

 Throw into a household disposal container or bucket, or
 Use water to dispose of wallpaper paste down the drain.

Throw into a household disposal container or bucket

Make sure you take a bucket or leakage-free container to dispose of wallpaper paste. The majority of wallpaper paste is water-soluble.significantly you choose a container that you may likely not use again.

Use water to remove the glue from the wall and put the liquid waste mixture inside the disposal bucket or container. This is one of the seamless ways to dispose of wallpaper paste.

Wait for a day or two for the paste to dry. The timing depends on the quantity of paste in the bucket.

Once it’s hard, throw away the bucket or disposal container into a waste bin. It is treated as normal waste once the mixture is solid and completely dried.


Use Water to Dispose Wallpaper Paste down the Drain



You can use water to dissolve wallpaper waste since the majority of wallpaper pastes are water-soluble.

This method of wallpaper paste removal is only applicable to solvent paste. Once the solution is diluted rinse liquid paste and flush down the toilet or drain. You must ensure the paste is fully diluted- to avoid clogs or build up. If you are flushing, make sure you clean up any splash so, you don’t harden your toilet.

Bottom Line


It is imperative to dispose of your house adhesives properly. Disposing of adhesives should not be a rigorous process; this is why we offer our professional waste disposal service to you. Contact us if you need any help on how to dispose of wallpaper paste.

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