How to get rid of birds stuck in a loft?

How To Get Rid of Birds in the Loft
Birds stuck in your loft can decrease your comfort, make noise, create nests, and lead to mold growth. Here is how you can remove them!

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Birds, such as crows, sparrows, and pigeons stuck in your loft can create a mess, noises, and health risks. It can also cause massive disruption to loft conversion projects if not handled correctly. It is often challenging for homeowners in the UK to remove birds stuck in their loft, especially during the breeding season, because there are laws to protect them. UK’s Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) protect birds, including their nests and eggs. 

Therefore, it is crucial to follow a step-by-step approach to avoid violating the law. Otherwise, you may face legal consequences. Many homeowners in the UK implement preventative measures like solid barriers and blocking entry points to prevent the problem. However, when birds enter your loft, it is pretty tricky to remove them. In today’s article, we will give you a step-by-step solution. Read on! 

Get Birds Out of Your Loft 

Birds in your loft (just like birds in your garden) cause numerous problems. For example, they can poop everywhere in the living space, leading to the growth of mold and other environmental pathogens. Birds also bring materials to build their nests, leading to clogging vents or causing a fire hazard. Here are the steps to remove birds stuck in your loft. 

Step 1: Inspect Your Loft 

Before removing birds stuck in your loft, we recommend inspecting the inside and looking for things like tracks, feces, and damages they have caused to the loft. If you find features in the loft, it means birds are dwelling in the space. 

Nests and eggs are other signs of birds stuck in your loft. At the same time, you should inspect the loft’s exterior to know how birds got inside. If you find any open gaps or holes, fill them to solve the issue in the future. You can also mount a trap on the entry/exit hole to prevent the problem. 

Step 2: Remove or Trap the Birds

There are two ways to remove birds from your loft. The first one is to remove them, and the second one is to trap and kill them. Make sure you don’t kill birds in the breeding season to avoid legal complications. 

The best way to remove birds is to set a bird trap in your loft, allowing you to catch the bird quickly. Make sure you place different baits in the loft to streamline the process. On the other hand, open the windows and let the birds out of your attic. Some people set one-way doors that allow birds out and prevent them from backing in your loft. 

Step 3: Repair Entry Holes and Clean

Once you have removed the bird, it is time to repair entry holes and clean the mess created by birds in your loft. Seal shut the entry holes to prevent this problem from happening again. Make sure you clean all the dirt, including feces and droppings. Keep in mind that birds’ feces can cause health issues. So, you must wear gloves and cover your face. 

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