How to recycle old music CDs and DVDs?

How to recycle old music CDs and DVDs?
If you have old music CDs and DVDs at home and want to get rid of them safely, check out this post to learn the most practical ways!

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Because CDs and DVDs are recyclable materials, you shouldn’t throw them in a bin. CDs and DVDs contain plastic, meaning they are a bit challenging to recycle. Discs that contain traces of gold and aluminum are easily recyclable, and most recycling centres in the UK will accept them readily. 

The world has almost made a transition into the digital era, and people don’t need CDs and DVDs anymore because the fast-speed internet allows them to stream or download music from their favorite music websites, such as Sound Cloud. So, how to dispose of or recycle old CDs and DVDs. Here are a few tips and tricks! 

Give them to Your Friends 

If your old CDs or DVDs are in good condition, we recommend giving them to your family members or friends because they may need music CDs. You can also swap these discs instead of purchasing something new to replace them. 

Sell Unwanted Discs Online 

Numerous websites in the UK purchase unwanted CDs and DVDs. Instead of throwing your old CDs and DVDs in a skip or dustbin, we recommend selling them online if they are in good condition. That way, you can earn some cash and spend it on buying other essential things. 

The average selling price for a music CD on most online platforms is between 25 pence and £3. Some of the best websites in the UK where you can old these items are Zapper, Music Magpie, and Ziffit. 

Donate your CDs and DVDs 

There are many charity shops in your local area that accept old music CDs and DVDs. However, local shops accept these items when they are in good condition. On the other hand, you can find a local organization or jumble sale to give away your old discs. 

Find a Local Recycling Centre 

If your CDs and DVDs are not damaged, make sure you find a local recycling centre to get rid of them. CDs and DVDs are 100% recyclable material. However, it is crucial to find a recycling centre and ask them whether they accept old music discs. If the recycling centre does not accept your old discs, make sure you contact your local council. 

Some recycling centres in the UK accept old music discs for recycling, but they focus more on industrial quantities than domestic quantities. For example, most recycling centres require people to have a minimum of three tonnes for recycling. 

It means you must have at least 30,000 CDs or DVDs for recycling. We think this is impossible because no one has this quantity of CDs and DVDs at home. Therefore, it is better to use the other options given above. 

Final Words 

Old music CDs and DVDs can release Bisphenol-A, which can harm human health and contribute to environmental damage. Some people burn their discs to get rid of them, but this can even cause more harm because burning DVDs or CDs can release toxic fumes and cause air pollution. CDs and DVDs require a special recycling process, meaning you can’t throw them in recycling bins. 

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