How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal?

How To Unclog a Garbage Disposal?

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Although some homeowners are careful about their garbage disposal, things like food particles can lead to clogs. Most people call a plumber when they face such a situation. Although calling a professional is a great idea, you can unclog your garbage disposal to save money. How to unclog garbage disposal? Here is the Cheap Skips step-by-step procedure. Read on! 

Step 1: Turn off the Breaker

If you don’t want to hire a plumber, you can carry out the process as a DIY project. Turn off the disposal-controlling breaker to start the unclogging process. Shine a flashlight into the disposal after you have turned off the breaker. That way, you can see things or objects that caused the clog. 

Step 2: Retrieve the Objects 

Experts recommend using long-handled tongs to retrieve items or objects that caused the clog in the garbage disposal. The purpose is to clear the way and remove the visible things. Once done, turn on the breaker and disposal. If it works properly and drains the water, it means you have completed the project. Otherwise, follows the steps given below to continue the procedure. 

Step 3: Loosen the Food Leftovers 

Turn off the breaker after removing all visible items. Bear in mind that lingering leftovers can also cause the clog. Sometimes, food particles or cooking oils can lead to clogged garbage disposals. The problem occurs when the food leftovers are not loosened, accumulating in the drainpipe. 

If the food leftovers have caused the clog, you can use a plunger to loosen it. Once you have covered the drain with the plunger, make sure the water covers the plunger’s edge. Likewise, plunge the drain a few times to check if the water drains properly. Turn on the breaker to see whether leftover food or remnants flow through the drainpipe properly without any problems. 

Step 4: Pour Household Cleaners 

Before pouring household cleaners into the garbage disposal, make sure you turn off the breaker and disposal. Pour at least ¼ cup of baking soda, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar in the disposal. Combining baking soda and white vinegar is an excellent way to unclog a garbage disposal. 

It is crucial to turn on the breaker and disposal after 5-10 minutes. Make sure you run hot water for at least 2-3 minutes into the disposal. That way, you can unclog the garbage disposal. However, if it is still clogged, you will have to call a professional plumber. 

Step 5: Call the Plumber 

Once you have completed the DIY unclogging project but have not achieved the desired results, it is time to call a professional company. A professional plumber will use advanced techniques to unclog the garbage disposal and use methods to prevent it from occurring again. 

Experts recommend putting a lemon in the garbage disposal every month to maintain the blades running smoothly and reduce foul odours. Remember, it is crucial to avoid using drain cleaners that contain harmful chemicals. Commercial cleaning products are corrosive, leading to damaged plastic and rubber parts in the pipes. 

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