UK Skip Hire Price Guide 2021

Skip Hire Prices 2021

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UK Skip Hire Costs 2021?

People use skip containers to store and transport waste. Various special modifications allow people to use such containers for other purposes, which include mobile storage units and using skips via cranes in the construction sites. 

Depending on the use or application, companies supply containers in a variety of styles and shapes. Skips are coated with anti-corrosive painting and high-quality paint in any colour.

Hiring a skip can sometimes confuse due to many rules and regulations that surround the industry. There are hundreds of skip hire companies in the United Kingdom. Each company offers various skip sizes and prices. 

That’s why it often becomes difficult to choose the best option. In today’s article, we will talk about skip hire prices in the UK. Read on!

Skip Hire Prices 2021 – An Essential Guide

Everyone knows that skips are an excellent way to get rid of waste material. The primary purpose of skips is to store and transport waste to recycling centres. Individuals and companies also use skips to transport waste to landfills for disposal. 

There are hundreds of skip hire companies in the UK that offer skip containers in various sizes. The skip hire prices depend primarily on the size of the container.

People hire skip containers for different reasons, such as backyard or garden cleaning, clearing out a garage, or get rid of waste material in the house. 

Before you call a service provider, it is essential to know about the skip hire prices so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Skip hire services are a cost-effective waste disposal method than other types of waste removal services.

Size is the biggest factor in determining the skip hire price. In general, small skip containers cost less than larger ones. The reason is the amount of waste each skip container can store or transport.

Recycling is an essential aspect of skip and waste removal companies to keep costs low. Over 80% of all collected waste material is taken to the recycling centres in the UK. 

Anyway, we recommend you review skip hire prices by size so that you don’t end up paying more.


2 Yard Skip Hire Price - £60 - £100

2-3 yard mini skip is a small container used to store a small amount of waste, such as backyard and garden waste. You don’t need a “council” skip licence to place a small container on your property.

Although people use mini skips for a variety of domestic and commercial purposes, small containers are used for plasterboard disposal. You can store 25 to 35 bin bags in a 2-3 yard mini skip. The dimensions of the container are 3 ft. high, 4 ft. wide, and 5 ft. long.

3 Yard Skip Hire Price - £80 - £120

A 3-yard skip holds approximately 35 black bin bags that contain waste material. A skip of this size provides enough space for small domestic jobs. 3-yard skip sizes often vary between the supplying companies. However, the average 3-yard skip is 3 ft. high, 4 ft. wide, and 6 ft. long.

You can throw most types of waste into a 3-yard skip, including wood, furniture, plastic, metal, rubble, and domestic waste, etc. Avoid throwing items like asbestos, gas cylinders, tyres, electrical items, chemicals, and fluorescent bulbs into the 3-yard skip.

4 Yard Skip Hire Price - £85 - £140

A 4-yard skip is another small-size skip, which is a commonly used container for both domestic and commercial purposes. A 4-yard skip is convenient for onsite waste removal at the most competitive price.

It can hold 45-50 bin bags of waste material. The container offers sufficient space for bathroom and kitchen refit or backyard clearances. The dimensions of this container are 4 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, and 7 ft. long. Remember, the dimensions of a 4-yard skip can vary depending on the supplier, geographical location, and brand.

5 Yard Skip Hire Price - £100 - £160

If you are a DIY enthusiast who often carries out home improvement projects, you need a 5-yard skip to remove waste from your house, construction site, etc. A 5-yard is considered one of the largest midi skips in the UK.

Because it is a mid-size skip, it can hold a good amount of waste and that’s why most people use it for larger domestic and smaller commercial jobs. It can hold 55 bin bags of waste. Again, the dimensions of a 5-yard skip can vary, but on average, they are 3.5 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, and 7.5 ft. long. Most often, 5 yard skips are small enough to fit on driveways.

6 Yard Skip Hire Price - £110 - £180

A 6-yard skip is the most popular container in the UK for the amount of waste it can hold and the affordable price. You can place them in most locations because they are small in size. However, they are large enough to store a sizable amount of waste material. Research shows that a 6-yard skip can hold up to 65 bags of waste.

The dimensions of the product are 4 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, and 10 ft. long. 6-yard skips provide sufficient space to store a large amount of waste from home improve projects, bathroom, and kitchen refit. You must not throw hazardous waste in the 6-yard skip. These include electricals, tyres, chemicals, paint, asbestos, and gas cylinders.

8 Yard Skip Hire Price - £150 - £200

8-yard skips are also known as the builder’s skips. They are quite large, which makes them useful for projects that produce a sizeable amount of waste. An 8-yard skip can store around 80 bin bags of waste.

The size of an 8-yard skip can vary from location to location, but on average, the dimensions of the builder’s skip are 4.5 ft. high, 6 ft. wide, and 12 ft. long. They are suitable for small to medium construction sites.

Also, you can use the builder’s skip for your large home improvement project and small tasks, such as kitchen refits, bathroom refits, wall removal, garden clearances, and conservatory removal.

10 Yard Skip Hire Price - £170 - £220

A 10-yard skip provides sufficient space for larger home improvement and commercial projects because it has the capacity of storing 100 bin bags of rubbish. A common 10-yard skip has dimensions 6 ft. high, 6 ft. wide, and 12 ft. long.

10-yard skips are very popular in the UK because they provide good convenience and affordable pricing. Plus, they can handle a large amount of waste. You can fit them on your construction site without any problems. Make sure you don’t throw hazardous material into the skip.

12 Yard Skip Hire Price - £190 - £240

The dimensions of a 12-yard skip are 6.5 ft. high, 6 ft. long, and 13 ft. long. Considering the dimensions, a 12-yard skip is large enough to accommodate waste material from larger construction projects. It can hold up to 120 bin bags that can contain different types of waste, including plastic, metal, wood, rubble, and organic waste.

14 Yard Skip Hire Price - £6200 - £240

When it comes to skip hire cost, especially the 14-yard skip hire price, it is between £200 and £240. It is crucial to get quotes from at least 3 companies so that you can find the right product for your project at an affordable price. In the UK, the dimensions of a 14-yard skip approximately are 6.5 ft. high, 6.5 ft. wide, and 13 ft. long.

16 Yard Skip Hire Price - £220 to £265

16-yard skips are the second largest in the maxi skip rage and a single container can hold up to 170 bin bags of waste material. The dimensions of this container are 6.5 ft. high, 6 ft. wide, and 13.5 ft. long. These skips are suitable for commercial and industrial sites, such as construction sites and shop fittings to store both light and bulky waste. However, you can also use them for larger home renovation projects.

18 Yard Skip Hire Price - £275 to £340

Approximately, an 18-yard skip hire has dimensions of 7 ft. high, 6.5 ft. wide, and 13.5 ft. long. The size of the 18-yard skip is not that much different from that of the 16-yard skip. It can store up to 195 black bin bags worth of waste. Apart from the roll-on and roll-off skips, 18-yard skips are the largest containers available for large commercial and industrial projects.

20 Yard Skip Hire Price - £290 to £380

20-yard skips are roll-on roll-off skips that can hold a substantial amount of waste – i.e. up to 220 black bin bags of waste material. Approximately, the dimensions of a 20-yard skip in the UK are 4 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long. You will often find these skips on commercial, construction, and industrial sites where larger amounts of waste are generated.

25 Yard Skip Hire Price - £330 to £400

25-yard skips are roll-on roll-off skips that require a specialist truck to load them. Keep in mind that most often, the skip provider or company will not provide the truck. Because these skips are larger in size, they are more expensive than other skips. The dimensions of a 25-yard skip are 5 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long. A 20-yard skip can store up to 275 bags of waste.

30 Yard Skip Hire Price - £350 to £450

Like 25-yard skips, 30-yard skips are also roll-on roll-off skips that are suitable for extra-large commercial and industrial projects. If you have a commercial project that produces a lot of waste, you can hire a 30-yard skip because it has the capacity to hold approximately 330 bags of waste. In the UK, the dimensions of this skip are 6.5 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long.

40 Yard Skip Hire Price - £430 to £550

40-yard skips are the largest containers you can hire to store a substantial amount of waste. These skips are large enough for most commercial and industrial projects. A 40-yard skip can hold over 440 bin bags of waste material. In general, the dimensions of this larger skip are 8.5 ft. high, 8 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long.

Skip Hire Cost – Duration

Most people in the UK hire a skip for one to two weeks. If you fill it early, you can call the service provider to take it away. On the other hand, if you need a skip for more than two weeks, the service provider will charge you an additional amount. However, the extension price is usually small. You will find many companies in the UK that don’t charge an additional amount for longer durations.

Mini Skip

A mini skip usually ranges from a 2-yard skip to a 6-yard skip. For example, if you throw away at least 40 bags a week, you can hire a 4-yard skip container. The cost of hiring a mini skip is £90 and £130 per week in most parts of the UK. In London, however, the price per week for mini skip hire is above £130.

Small Skip Hire Sizes

Medium Skip

When it comes to skip hire prices per week, the most affordable option for most people is the 8-yard skip, which can hold between 80-90 bags of waste. If you hire this skip for one week, the service provider will charge you something between £200 and £250. Again, the price per week for an 8-yard skip in London is above £250. Usually, in London, it starts from £275.

Large Skip

For large residential projects and small commercial tasks, it is best to hire a large skip that ranges from a 12-yard skip to an 18-yard skip. On average, a large skip can hold between 120 to 200 bags of waste. The price of a large skip hire varies across the UK. In London, it starts from £387 a week. However, in other parts of the country, you can expect to pay between £190 and £240.

Large Skip Hire Sizes

Skip Hire Cost By Location

The most popular skip containers used in the UK for both residential and commercial projects are 6-yard and 8-yard skips. 

Remember, the price of each skip – whether it is 6-yard, 8-yard, 20-yard, or roll-on roll-off 30-yard skip, varies in terms of size, quality, application, supplier, and locations. 

In this section, we will give you a list of prices for 6-yard and 8-yard skips in different regions of the UK. Continue reading!

Skip Hire Prices North England
Skip Hire Prices South England
East England Skip Hire Prices
Skip Hire Prices in Midlands
Skip Hire Prices Wales

Each skip hire service provider is different in terms of how much weight of the waste can be thrown into a skip. Generally, one cubic yard of waste is equal to one ton. For instance, a 4-yard skip can be used to store 4 tons of waste.

Similarly, a 6-yard and 8-yard skip can hold up to 6 and 8 tons of waste respectively. Each service provider requires you not to overfill the container because it can affect the weight of the skip. Keep in mind that you can store or throw certain types of waste into the skip. The details are given below!

Skip Hire Uses

Final Words

A skip hiring service becomes essential because it helps you remove waste, which occurs due to house construction, home renovation, kitchen/bathroom refurbishing, clearing a garage, or remove waste from your garden. The type of waste that you can throw into the skip can be rocks, metals, bricks, rubbles, plasterboard, garden waste, etc.

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