What Items Are Not Allowed To Be Disposed of in a Skip?

What Items Can't You Put Into A Skip

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Skip is the ideal place to dump a large amount of waste. You can throw anything that you don’t need anymore, except hazardous waste. However, some items cannot be disposed of in a skip. The reason is that these items are harmful to the environment. These items need proper handling during disposal.
Using a skip to safely dispose of unwanted items, waste is easy and cost-friendly.

What Items Can't You Put Into A SkipList of items you should not put in a Skip

Here we shall list all the various items you should not include when disposing of waste in a skip. You must take note of these items because they can pose a danger to you and those handling the waste.
Below are some of the items that are not allowed to be disposed of in a skip;

Hazardous Items

This type of waste cannot be disposed of in a skip. Hazardous item is a broad term for most harmful waste. Items like asbestos, gas cylinder, batteries, are dangerous to both human and the environment, hence, they can be disposed of as normal waste. The best way to dispose of these items is to contact either professionals in the specific art of removing those products, or your local council Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Electrical Items

Here is another harmful item that should not be allowed to be disposed of in a skip. Items like fridges, freezers, kettles should not be put in a skip for disposal. Go to your local household waste recycling centre to safely dispose of these electrical items. Most times, some local council do come over to pick them or you can also contact a recognized private waste collection centre.

Chemical and Medical Waste

Both chemical and medical waste and even deceased animal waste must be handle with extreme care. Medical waste like syringes soiled dressings, and other chemical waste is not allowed to be disposed of in a skip. You need to contact a professional company to dispose of this kind of waste.

Other Items that You Should Not Dispose of In a Skip


Paint should not be disposed of in a skip. Paint is a chemical substance that poses adverse health issues.
You can put an empty paint can in a skip but avoid putting paint. If you have unused paint, you can donate them to your neighbour or charity homes. You can even add it on a site such as Freecycle or Freegle.


Tyres are extremely dangerous to be disposed of like regular garbage. Nevertheless, numerous companies in the UK help to recycle your waste tyres. They turn these waste tyres into other products like rubber flooring for playgrounds.

The above are some of the items that are not allowed to be disposed of in a skip.

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