What Time Can I burn Rubbish in My Garden UK?

What Time Can I burn Rubbish in My Garden UK
What is the suitable time to burn rubbish in my garden? Are there any laws associated with it? How to do it safely? Check out this post for valuable info! 

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Modern-day bonfire ingredients are less gruesome than traditional or medieval-era bonfires. However, burning waste material can lead to local nuisance and environmental pollution. Fires have been used for centuries to mark occasions, as signals, and to burn or dispose of waste materials.

Can you burn rubbish in your garden? What is the right time to burn waste in your garden? How to carry out the process safely? In today’s article, we will answer these questions. Read on! 

What Time Can I burn Rubbish in My Garden

There is no specific time that requires you to burn rubbish in your garden or have a bonfire. You can do it at any time. However, some people recommend having a bonfire early in the morning or evening to avoid affecting your neighbours. 

People in the UK have a common misconception about specific regulations prohibiting them from garden bonfires or times for burning rubbish. Remember, there are no such specific byelaws in the UK. However, this does not a green signal for indiscriminate garbage burning in your garden. 

A bonfire is the best and feasible way to dispose of waste materials, such as woody or diseased waste that you can’t compost. However, you must burn rubbish in your garden occasionally. 

According to the Environmental Protection Act (1990), it is a serious offense for people to burn or dispose of their household waste, leading to pollution or harming human health. So, in practice, it is wise to avoid burning waste that causes excessive smoke and toxic fumes. Your bonfire won’t cause a problem if you burn dry waste in your garden. 

How to Burn Rubbish Safely? 

A bonfire or burning rubbish in your garden is an excellent way to dispose of garden waste. Remember, you can burn waste that is unsuitable for composting. If you have a bonfire to dispose of your garden waste, make sure you notify your neighbours.

Any damage to your neighbouring property or harm to their health can end up in legal consequences. Therefore, it is wise to warn your neighbours to ensure they are less likely to complain. Here are a few guidelines to safely burn rubbish in your garden. 

  • Only burn dry material 
  • Avoid household rubbish 
  • Avoid rubber tyres or plastic
  • Don’t burn foam or paint 
  • Avoid lighting a fire in windy conditions 
  • Ensure the smoke does not blow into neighbours’ gardens 
  • Check the air quality before burning waste 
  • Keep the fire away from fences, trees, and buildings 
  • Never use petrol, oil, or methylated spirits 
  • Never leave a fire unattended 

Final Words 

Although there are no specific rules and regulations that prohibit you from burning waste or rubbish in your garden, it is crucial to notify your neighbours before having a bonfire. Likewise, there are no specific times of day to burn trash in your garden. 

You can do it any time. However, if you bother your neighbours by smoke, they may explain the problem at the local council, leading to legal penalties. Therefore, follow the guidelines above to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

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