Skip Permit Information

Deciding on the best location for your skip requires careful consideration. It needs to be placed somewhere that is readily accessible for a skip lorry, allowing for unimpeded delivery or collection to take place. If the location is obstructed and prevents or delays the delivery and collection process, then additional charges may apply.

Placing Your Skip On Private Land

If you want to put your skip on private property you do not need a permit. However, make sure there is room for it before finalising your order. Neither Cheap Skips 4 Hire Ltd, nor our supply partners, will be liable for any damage caused to private property.

Placing Your Skip On A Public Highway

If you want to put your skip on a public highway, there are some skip hire rules and regulations you need to be aware of. You will need to apply for an environmental permit from your local council. You will be responsible for paying the permit fee, even if it is declined.

All skips placed on a public highway must meet and maintain certain criteria outlined in the permit. If they do not, then you will be liable for any subsequent action, not the skip hire company.