How to Dispose of Dog Poop in the UK?

How To Dispose of Dog Poop?

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How to dispose of dog poop in the UK?

Millions of owners collect their dogs’ poop in plastic bags and dispose of it in the poop or litter bin. It is important to avoid putting small plastic bags in the litter. Although it is not prohibited by UK law, you won’t do it if you are an environmental enthusiast.

The purpose is to keep the streets clean and makes walking a pleasant experience. In today’s article, we will tell you about disposing of dog poop in an environmentally-friendly way. Read on!

Dispose of Dog Poop Correctly

When you walk out with your furry friend, make sure you have biodegradable poop bags. You can also get a newspaper from a local restaurant or café if you don’t have the bag while you are outside. However, experts recommend having biodegradable dog poop bags.

Turn the bag inside out and wear it like a glove, ensuring a good grip on the poop without touching it. Reach down to carefully pick up the poop and use your other hand to invert the bag. That way, you can avoid getting your hands dirty.

It is crucial to know the rules of disposing of your dog’s poop and the places where you can throw or dispose of it correctly such as in a skip. You can throw the bag in your outside bin or public litter bin. You can also flush it down the toilet.

Moreover, experts recommend setting up a small bin in your yard’s corner where you can put the small bag that contains the dog poop. This option is good if you don’t want to use your own waste bin.

You can bury your dog’s poop if you have enough space. Make sure you bury it around 12 inches deep in the soil. If the soil is warm and moist, it will take around two weeks for the poop to decompose naturally.

Although the poop will no longer be visible, some parasites and bacteria can persist for a long time. Therefore, choose a suitable spot that is out of the way. Make sure the place you choose is away from your garden.

Is Dog Poop Dangerous?

If you accidentally touch your dog’s poop, wash your hand with a good antibacterial soap to get rid of bacteria and other microbes. Make sure you do not ingest any of your dog’s waste accidentally.

For instance, if you eat or drink something without washing your hands after handling your dog’s poop, it can cause many health diseases. Most often, this happens when your child plays in the backyard, and you haven’t cleaned up the area.

It is advised to act as a responsible citizen and follow the etiquettes. If you ignore to pick up your dog’s poop, someone can step in it and ruin his or her shoes. Dog poop carries a wide variety of bacteria and parasites.

These include roundworm, hookworm, and giardia, which can harm people’s health, especially children if they come in contact with it. Many people compost their dog poop they pick up around the garden or backyard. Research shows that certain chemicals in dog poop is not beneficial for plants as a fertiliser.

Final Words 

Picking up your dog’s poop and disposing of it is not fun and an unpleasant experience. However, it is important for your health, the wellbeing of others, and the environment. UK law requires people to pick up and clean up the mess properly.

Otherwise, it is a criminal offense and can result in hefty fines. We recommend you to use biodegradable and scented bags to pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of it correctly. That way, you can make the task a bit pleasant.

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