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How to Dispose of Electronics and E-Waste in the UK?

Disposing of your electronics like old computers, TVs, cellphones and laptops can be tricky and stressful.

Unfortunately, you cannot put electronic waste into a skip in the UK. So whilst our skip hire services will not support your electronic waste removal needs, did you know there are multiple other options you can use to dispose of your electronics in an environmental and eco-friendly way?

For instance, some old electronics are still useful and be donated or recycled.

Questions to Asked Yourself before Electronics Disposal


Here are two vital questions you should ask yourself before you get rid of your old electronics;

– Are my electronics in good condition or working?
– Do my electronics have my personal information?

Once you have answers to the questions above; you can go ahead to dispose of your electronics.

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Best and Easy Way to Dispose of Electronics

Below are some proven ways you can comfortably dispose of your electronics without hassle;

Offer your electronics to a certified e-waste recycler
Sell off your electronics
Give back to an electronic company

Offer Your Electronics to A Certified E-Waste Recycler


One of the best ways to dispose of your electronics is to give it to a certified e-waste recycling firm. E-waste recycler helps you dispose of your electronics waste more responsibly and safely. You don’t have to worry about environmental pollution just by using a certified e-waste recycler.

Sell Off Your Electronics


Do you know you can make some cool cash, selling your old electronic? Yes, it is possible. One man's junk is another man's treasure. This can help you to get rid of your electronics. You can easily check different online platforms like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay and more. You can do this just from the comfort of your home. What about garage sales? This method can help you dispose of old electronics faster than



As stated earlier, it is not a bad idea to offer help to those that truly need or desire it. What if, your old electronics put a smile on someone's faces? You can donate your old laptop, cellphones to students or Non-Government Organizations.

Give Back To Electronic Company


You can dispose of your electronics by giving it back to the electronics company. Many electronic companies may likely have an exchange policy whereby they take your old electronics and give you the latest version. They do this by offering you a discount on the new purchase.

Bottom Line


Electronics are a significant part of our lives. How you dispose of your old electronics should be a major concern to you. It is important to remove your personal information before disposing of it, and do make sure you are not causing environmental pollution by using the above methods.

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