How to get rid of mice in the loft?

How To Get Rid of Mice in the Loft
Do you have mice in your loft that cause discomfort in the living space? Don’t worry! Here are a few ways to remove mice in the loft. 

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Rats and mice in the loft are a significant problem for homeowners. When these rodents get in the loft, trouble always follows whether you are embarking on projects like a UK loft conversion or not. Mice always gnaw on anything they find in the loft, walls, and ceilings. 

Mice consistently grind their teeth on numerous things, including sealed food containers, electrical wires, and other hazardous materials. Besides, their urine, droppings, and even dead bodies can lead to foul odors in the loft and even spread dangerous diseases. 

Block Entry Points 

Mice, just like rats can get into your loft by chewing their way through the roof. Therefore, we recommend inspecting your roofline for any signs of mice damage. You can also hire a roof specialist who will climb up to and inspect problems areas, including the flashing at the chimney base. 

After inspecting the roof, head up to your loft and check it.  Turn on the lights to look for any chewed areas or holes. Once you have identified visible problems, cover up the windows and switch off the lights. If you notice any light getting inside, it is due to a hole somewhere in the loft. 

Moreover, loft vents are a common area where this problem occurs, but you can seal them using a ¼ inches wired hardware cloth. Make sure you extend the cloth about 2-3 inches beyond the hole in all directions. Use nails, U-nails, or staples to secure the fabric. 

After reinforcing it with metal screws, the hardware cloth can keep your loft safe from mice and other rodents. Make sure you remove the existing pets from your loft before sealing the gaps and holes. 

Use Traps 

Traps are the most viable solutions for homeowners to get rid of mice in the loft. Some of the common types of mice traps are snap, cage, glue, and poison traps. Snap traps are a traditional method that snaps shut on a mouse after activation. 

You can also use a cage trap, alive-trapping technique to capture mice in a cage. We believe this is an effective method because it allows you to release mice elsewhere. A glue trap uses glue to ensnare any mice that contact with it. 

A poison trap kills mice due to harsh poison. We think snap traps are the best solutions because glue traps and poison traps are inhumane. These traps can cause mice to die a slower death, leaving you with a loft full of dead mice that search for out-of-the-way places to die. So, it is challenging to find and remove the dead mice. 

In addition, dead mice in your loft can produce foul odors and spread dangerous diseases. Depending on mouse species, the poison may not kill them, leaving you with a mouse that is even more cautious around traps it finds. Therefore, we recommend using cage traps or snap traps to remove mice from your loft. Its not worth hiring a skip for these issues but you can call a pest expert if you don’t fancy dealing with the issue yourself. 

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